One Absentee Ballot has not been returned for the 4/7/15 election
Things To Do

Have you changed your address or name? Are you a new resident of the city? Do you have the proper identification to be able to vote? If you have moved or changed your name you will need to complete a new registration form for voting. Also if you are a new resident who has lived in the city 28 days before an election you will also need to complete a new registration form. You can stop in at city hall during normal business hours and get this done so that you will not have to wait on Election Day or get the form from the website. 

Acceptable photo IDs for voting include:
  • Wisconsin Driver License
  • Wisconsin State ID
  • WI Driver or State Receipt
  • Passport Book or Card
  • Certificate of Naturalization
  • Tribal ID
  • University / College ID

Voting Is Easy
There are 2 types of voting equipment.

Optical Scan Ballot
One system uses a computerized optical scan ballot. Voters receive a paper ballot and a marking pen. Voters simply connect the 2 parts of the arrow pointing to the candidate(s) of their choice. After marking their ballot, the voter places the ballot in a counter, which scans the ballot and tabulates the votes. The counted ballot is then dropped into a locked compartment.

Touch Screens
The second type of voting equipment uses a touch screen. Voters work through the ballot by touching the different offices shown on the screen. The size of the print can be increased for easier reading. These machines are also equipped with braille controls and an audio headset for the visually impaired.