Emergency Services

  1. Animal Control

    The Prescott Police Department is responsible for animal control in the city. Chief of Police Mike R. Bondarenko is the officer in charge of animal control. Kathi Pelnar is the animal control officer.

  2. Emergency Government

    The City of Prescott has developed a municipal emergency operations plan that provides procedures for the city departments to respond to various types of emergencies or disasters that affect the community.

  3. Fire / EMS

    The Prescott Fire Department has been proudly serving the citizens of the City of Prescott, Township of Oak Grove and the Township of Clifton since 1860. We are a department of 40 professional trained volunteers, that take great pride in serving their community.

  4. Police

    The Prescott Police Department is a 24-hour law enforcement agency protecting and serving a year-round population of 4,250, as well as thousands of visitors to the confluence of the Mississippi and Saint Croix Rivers, and the beginning of the Great River Road - a national tourist attraction.