1. Fire Protection

    Fire protection service differs from other services provided by the Utility System. Although most fire hydrants and sprinkler connections are rarely used, the utility must be ready to provide adequate water quantities and pressures at all times throughout the distribution system.

  2. Sewer

    The city owns and operates a wastewater collection and treatment facility located on the south side of the city. Treated wastewater is discharged into the Mississippi River.

  3. Stormwater

    In 2010 the City of Prescott established a stormwater utility. The utility is designed to assist with the management of stormwater and other surface water discharges within the Mississippi and St. Croix Rivers.

  4. Trash & Recycling

    The city has contracted with Paul's Industrial Garage Inc. (P.I.G.) to pick up trash and recycling for all single family, 2 family, and 3 family residences.

  5. Utility Billing & Rates

    Water, sewer, storm water, fire protection, trash and recycling are billed quarterly on the same bill.

  6. Water

    The Prescott Water Utility was established in 1914. Our water is pumped from 2 aquifers: Jordan Sandstone, and St. Lawrence-Franconia. Our water is removed from these ground water sources using 3 production wells located within the city.

  7. Water Consumer Confidence Report (PDF)

    Review the consumer confidence report for the city's water utility.

  8. Solar Energy