Skate Board Park

The skate board park is located between Dexter Street and Glenridge Drive. The park includes multiple ramps, a half pipe, rail, and 2 trash receptacles. This park is heavily used.

Unfortunately, since the park has been created, the city has experienced a high rate of vandalism at the park. In the past, concrete trash containers have been broken, port-a-potties have been destroyed so many times that the contractor refuses to place a port-a-potty at the site, signs and picnic tables have been destroyed, and other acts of vandalism have occurred. We realize that this is a popular hang-out but the city is reluctant to spend any more money on the park due to the vandalism.

The Parks Committee has authorized minor repairs to be done to the park. However, if the teenagers in Prescott would like other improvements made, we will need your help. We ask that a group of teenagers that use the park to form a group, develop a plan for improvements, present the improvements to the Parks Committee for their approval, fundraise for 50% of the improvements, and agree to monitor the park so that the vandalism and destruction will stop. The Parks Committee is willing to work with anyone that uses the skate board park.