What is CAP (Citizen's Adopt A Park)?
Have you ever wondered who takes care of the planters in downtown, Veteran's Park, or at City Hall? A group of volunteers known as CAP (Citizen's Adopt A Park) meet every spring to plan and then plant flowers in designated areas in our city by Memorial Day. In May the group starts weeding, pruning, cleaning flower beds, and are always on garbage detail.

The CAP group has 1 paid employee who waters and maintains the flowers throughout the summer. The city council continues to fund these projects through an allocation in the yearly budget.

Volunteers of all ages are needed for a variety of duties. If you or your family live near a park and are interested in volunteering, or want to learn more about our committee, please contact Marge Malueg at 715-262-5240. Hand in hand we will continue to maintain and keep our area beautiful.

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