What ordinances relate to my pet?

City Regulations for Pets
  1. All dogs / cats over the age of 5 months are required to be vaccinated against rabies. A copy of the rabies certificate is required by the city for the purchase of a license.
  2. All dogs/cats over the age of 5 months are required to have a license that is purchased annually.
  3. The owner shall attach the rabies vaccination tag and city license tag to the animal at all times except during competition or the animal is securely confined indoors.
  4. Animals must be on a leash or under verbal command of their owners at all times.
  5. Persons walking animals are required to remove fecal matter be it on private or public property.
  6. Owners of barking dogs and crying cats can be issued a citation for disturbing or annoying people in the neighborhood.
  7. There is a limit of 3 dogs per household. The ordinance committee is also looking at limiting 3 cats per household.
  8. If an animal is caught when running at large, an attempt will be made to contact the owner if the animal is wearing the city license tag. If the owner can not be located the animal will be transported by animal control to the designated shelter used by the city.
  9. In order to retrieve your animal you will be required to pay all fees associated with picking up the animal to the city. There are also fees that will be required to be paid at the animal shelter for boarding. These fees can add up to be a large sum of money. We encourage you to do what is best for your pets and to follow the city ordinances that have been put in place to protect you and your animal.

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