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Clock Tower

The original tower, built in 18867, was added to Prescott's 1st brick school. It was an icon in the town until it was destroyed in the 1935 school fire. The 2nd tower was added to the rebuilt school in 1937. This tower stood until 2003 when the School District removed it from the roof of the closed middle school.


The steel tower, clock, and bell were donated to the Prescott Historical Society. The tower was beyond repair, but the clock was painstakingly restored and temporarily put on display in the Prescott Welcome and Heritage Center. The clock restoration was started in November 2003 and was complete by April 2004. it took roughly 1,000 hours with 250 hours of machine shop time repairing and re-manufacturing parts for the clock.

Clock Tower Construction

In 2005, the Prescott Historical Society committed to a construction project to build a new clock tower in Prescott to house this historic clock and bell. The fundraiser was kicked off during Prescott Daze in 2005 and one year later (and over $125,000 in donations), the new tower was unveiled.
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