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Golf Cart Registration Form

  1. Golf Cart Registration Form

    • Submit registration form to Prescott Police Department
      1061 Pine St.
      Prescott, WI 54021
    • Submit application fee.
    • Present copy of liability insurance.
  2. New Applications are $50.00 and Renewals are $25.00. There is no inspection necessary for a renewal. Submit the form and make the payment and a sticker will be mailed to you.

  3. The applicant agrees to comply with the following:
    • All rules and regulations as established by the city code of ordinances in regards to permitting and regulating the operation of golf carts on public streets within the City of Prescott, WI
    • The applicant also understands that the issuance of golf cart permits creates no legal liability, expressed or implied, on the municipality, and certifies that all the above information is accurate
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