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Sidewalk Cafe Application

  1. Sidewalk Cafe Application

    • Complete this application and provide certificate of insurance and a separate endorsement to the insurance policy which names the city as an additional insured.
    • Submit a site plan.
    • Submit application fee.
  2. Please Complete the Following Questions
    More than 50% of gross sales revenue during the 6 months immediately preceding the date of this application cam fro sale of food and beverages not containing alcohol.*
  3. Alcohol will be served at the sidewalk cafe.*
    1. Possess all required licenses for alcoholic beverages and restaurant / food and are in compliance with terms.*
      1. The applicant shall provide all information requested in application form including the site plan drawn to scale with the scale used so noted on the drawing, showing the area adjacent to the food serving establishment, including all public improvements (curbs, gutters, sidewalks), dimensions from curb to the property line and to the building, all objects within this area, including light standards, utility poles, trees, tree wells, trash receptacles, public and private planters, and location of the doorway to the establishment and umbrellas if approved by council. The distance to doorways of adjacent business establishments, including doorways of rental units located within the adjacent business establishment's building, must also be shown if they are within 5 feet of the side boundaries of the business seeking the sidewalk cafe permit. The area to be used for the sidewalk cafe shall be shown on the site plan with all dimensions and furniture location. No smoking will be allowed in sidewalk cafe.
      2. The applicant agrees to comply with the following:
        • All Municipal Codes of the City
        • All Conditions of the Permit

        The applicant also understands that the issuance of the sidewalk cafe permit creates no legal liability, expressed or implied, on the Municipality, and certifies that all the above information is accurate.
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