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Request For Records

  1. City of Prescott Request For Records
    Please fill out this form if you are requesting an inspection or photocopies of public records. Public records may be requested, inspected and copies obtained during normal business hours of Monday through Friday 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM. In some cases, records may require retrieval and therefore may not be immediately available for inspection. Every effort will be made to respond to the open records request as soon as it is practicable and without delay. The cost of photocopying the records shall be .25 cents per side of page which has been calculated to be the actual, necessary and direct cost of reproduction. In some cases, such response costs may go beyond simply copying a request record. In these cases, the City may charge for any and all costs associated with complying with an open records request §19.35 (3)(f) a prepayment of such costs associated with an open record request in access of $5.00 may be required prior to processing such open records request.
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  3. Notice: If your request for records has been denied, you have the right to review by writ of mandamus or upon application to the district attorney or attorney general. Fees must be paid before requests can be picked up.
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